How Can Connect You With an Attorney to Respond to a C&D Letter

If you have determined that you would like to negotiate or respond to the party alleging that you are infringing their trademark, can connect you with an experienced trademark attorney to represent you in settlement negotiation and and reducing an agreement to writing.

This is a two step process:

1. Settlement Negotiation

Start by filling out the Settlement Negotiation Service engagement agreement.

For a flat fee of $499 we will provide:

  • A 20 minute telephone consult evaluating the scope of your trademarks rights and the strengths and weaknesses of the allegations against you. We will discuss your options on how to respond and what you would like to see happen.
  • We will negotiate directly with the opposing party and their attorney on your behalf in an attempt to resolve the matter.

2. Settlement Drafting

Where both parties have agreed to a resolution of a trademark dispute, this agreement should always be reduced to writing.

For a flat fee of $399 we will draft an agreement or review an agreement provided by the other party.

Start by filling out the Settlement Drafting Service engagement agreement.

What if the parties can’t agree or escalate the dispute by filing a lawsuit?

Should it not be possible for the parties to agree to terms of settlement, the other party may choose to not to pursue the matter further. Alternatively, they may file a lawsuit in state court, federal court, or before an administrative court like the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Attorneys on the platform do not provide litigation services, however, we can provide you resources on where to find an attorney who could potentially assist you.

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